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Material for each day's class

Day 1 - July 9, 2012: Linear Functions: The Method Of Linear Programming

Day 2 - July 10, 2012: Power Functions, Polynomials, and Rational Functions: Areas and Volumes

Day 3 - July 11, 2012: Fractional Powers and Logarithmic Relationships: Scaling and Allometry

Day 4- July 12, 2012: Periodic Functions: Sines, Cosines, and Transformations of Functions

  • Measure water with a vengeance: Primary Reference Link, "How to Guard an Art Gallery and Other Discrete Mathematical Adventures", T.S. Michael

Day 5-July 16, 2012: Growth and End Behavior of Functions; Exponentials

Sara Mitchell's CO_2 activity

Co_2 data

blank graph

Recycling aluminum (additional activity)

Day 6-July 17, 2012: Logarithms; Comparing functions in terms of end behavior

Amber Hupp's chemistry activity

Chemical Kinetics

Diane Bukatko's presentation

The science of learning

Day 7- July 18, 2012: Rigid Motions in the Plane: Tessellations and M.C. Escher

  • Notes for day (PowerPoint)
  • Flowchart, Classifying tessellations
  • Official M.C. Escher Website (To find many of the tessellations used in the group activity, select "Picture Gallery" from the sidebar, and then follow the link for "Symmetry; most of M.C. Escher's Symmetry

Day 8- July 19, 2012: Vector Valued Functions and 2x2 Matrices

Day 9- July 23, 2012: Discrete Functions: Combinatorics and Paths on Graphs/ The Pizza Cutting Problem