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  Accuplacer Placement Exam Requirements Massachusetts Department of Higher Education


Bunker Hill Community College

·         To enroll in classes at Bunker Hill Community College, all incoming students are required to take the Accuplacer, which is also referred to as the College Placement Test or CPT, unless they have completed college level math courses at another accredited college or university. This test determines math course placements and may exempt a student from certain classes. By assessing a student’s level of proficiency in mathematics, the CPT helps students plan an appropriate schedule of course work.

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Fitchburg State University

·         If a student has not transferred a statistics course or have not completed university-level mathematics courses, they are required to successfully pass the Accuplacer Mathematics Placement Examination. The Accuplacer Mathematics Placement Examination must be successfully completed before students register for MATH 1700. Fitchburg State University requires all students to pass the Accuplacer exam at an 82 or above, or take Basic Math II and/or pass with a 2.0 by the end of freshman year. In addition, the Accuplacer is also required for all nursing students.


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Framingham State University

·         In order to ensure that students enroll in courses that match their individual skill levels and prior preparation, the Massachusetts Division of Higher Education has mandated that all new students take placement tests provided by Accuplacer where a grade of C- or better is required for the math placement to be considered satisfied.


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MassBay Community College

·         Accuplacer placement testing is required by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education for all students seeking a degree or certificate at MassBay Community College. It will be necessary for a student to complete an assessment in mathematics if they plan to register for any mathematics course or apply to a health program. These tests are not a requirement for admission to MassBay, but are used for the purpose of advising and placement into the appropriate courses.  


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Mount Wachusett Community College

·         Mount Wachusett Community College requires that all incoming students complete the Computerized Placement Test (CPT) to determine their current ability in math. The results of the CPT will be used by an academic advisor to register a student for courses that match their ability. The results of their placement test may require them to take a developmental math course(s). Developmental courses help students prepare for college-level courses required for a degree or certificate program.


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Quinsigamond Community College

·         All incoming students are required to take the Accuplacer Placement Test at QCC. After completing the test, an advisor will be able to help students interpret their placement scores, help them decide which QCC program of study best fits their goals, and help them plan their semester schedule and register for the appropriate courses.


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·         All incoming students are required to take an online Math Placement Test. The score from this test will be used by an academic advisor in guiding a student to their appropriate placement in a variety of UMass courses. The Math Placement Exam covers the basics of algebra, coordinate geometry, and trigonometry.


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·         The mathematics placement test is required of all incoming undergraduate students. To obtain a degree at UMass Boston, students need to demonstrate proficiency in mathematics by fulfilling the quantitative reasoning requirement, which depends upon their college and their major. To register for any math course through Calculus I (Math 140 or 145), a student must score high enough on the appropriate level of the math placement test.


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·         UMass Lowell students who major in Engineering, Science, Math, or Sound Recording Technology will need to take an on-campus test developed by the university’s math department. The 20 question computerized exam tests students on Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Functions, and Exponentials and Logarithms.

·         Students who major in a health science major (with the exception of Nursing), humanities, social sciences, art and music (with the exception of Sound Recording Technology) take the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test, which determine their course placement for their first year.


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Worcester State University

·         The Accuplacer Mathematics Placement Examination is required of all accepted students. After completing the exam, students will be placed into Math courses according to their Math placement scores. Accuplacer Placement codes range from 1-7.  Codes 1 and 2 indicate the need for developmental math work. Codes 6 and 7 indicate readiness for Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Possible course placements for students can be found on the WSU website.

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