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Articles on College Readiness


A New Era of Education Reform: Preparing All Students for Success in College, Career, and Life. The Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy  

This article talks about a study conducted of Massachusetts school and district priorities for students learning. It especially focuses on 21st century education policy.        

Reducing Remedial Education: What Progress Are States Making? Ansley A. Abraham and Joseph D. Creech  

This article focuses on the high need of remedial education for entering college students in six SREB states.         

Alternative High School Math Pathways in Massachusetts: Developing an On-Ramp to Minimize College Remediation in Mathematics. The Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy

This article focuses on college remediation in mathematics for students attending Massachusetts schools.          

Comparing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics to California and Massachusetts Standards. Achieve Education Reform Organization  

This article compares the recently adopted Common Core State Standards in Mathematics to both the California and Massachusetts Standards.  

Explaining Gaps in Readiness for College-Level Math: The Role of High School Courses. Dylan Conger, Patrice Iatarola, and Mark C. Long  

This article attempts to explain college readiness gaps existing amongst minority and low income students.  

The Challenge of College Readiness. David T. Conley

In this article, David Conley proposes several solutions to better prepare students for college success.     

Rethinking High School: Supporting All Students to be College-Ready in Math. Grace C. Corbett and Tracy A. Huebner  

This article examines how three high schools successfully improved student mathematics achievement through research-based strategies.

College and the Workforce: What Readiness Means. Catherine Gewertz

This article focuses on what students need to master to be prepared for the higher-level demands of college and career.    

Taking Root: Massachusetts Lessons for Sustaining the College and Career-Ready Agenda. Achieve American Diploma Project Network  

This article focuses on education reform in the state of Massachusetts.    

The Building Blocks of Success: Higher Level Math for All Students. Achieve Education Reform Organization  

This article focuses on higher-level mathematics as a key component to college and career success.