My research interests are in Banach algebras and several complex variables,  
particularly in approximation theory.  Some recent papers are available below.

[1] "Polynomial Approximation on Real-Analytic Varieties in Cn, " (with Alexander Izzo and John Wermer),  Proc. of the A.M.S. 132 , no. 5 (2004) 1495-1500.

[2] "Rational Approximation on the Unit Sphere in C2,"  (with Alexander Izzo and John Wermer), Mich. Math. J. 52 , no. 1 (2004) 105-117.

[3] "A Cauchy-Green Formula on the Unit Sphere in C2,"(with John Wermer), in the Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Function Spaces, K. Jarosz, ed., A.M.S. Contemporary Mathematics Series 328, 2003, 21-30. 

[4] "Approximation Problems on the Unit Sphere in C2," (with John Wermer), in Operator Theory: Advances and Applications,(memorial volume dedicated to S. Ya Khavinson) 158 (2005) 101-108. 

[5] "Approximation by CR Functions on the Unit Sphere in C2," (with John Wermer),  in Recent Advances in Operator-Related Function Theory, A.M.S. Contemporary Mathematics Series,  393 (2006) 35-49.

[6] "Peak Point Theorems for Uniform Algebras on Smooth Manifolds," (with Alex Izzo),  Mathematische Zeitschrift 261 (2009) 65-71.

[7] "Boundary Behavior of some Cauchy Transforms," (with Joseph Cima),  Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 54 No. 5 (2009) 511-517.

[8] "Approximation by $\Box_{b}$-Harmonic Functions,"  Journal of Mathematical Analysis and its Applications, 379 No. 1 (2011) 75-81.

[9] "The Hull of Rudin's Klein Bottle,"  to appear in the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 2011.

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