Seminar in Complex Analytic Dynamics
MATH 392-02 (Swords 330)


How to succeed in this course:
*   Attend class, participate and ask questions
*   Do your homework regularly
*   Work with your classmates
*   Read the text and course handouts carefully
*   Remember that learning can and should be FUN

Professor Gareth Roberts

Office: Haberlin 305
Phone: 508-793-2350
Office hours: Mon. 1 - 2, Tues. 1 - 3, Wed. 8 - 8:50 (in Cool Beans) and 1 - 2, or by appointment.
(See my teaching schedule for other available times.)

NOTE: All downloadable files are PDF format unless otherwise noted.

* Important Information

* Class Handouts

* Homework (due at the START of class)

* In-Class Presentations

* Final Project    

* Midterm Exam

* Useful and Fun Links

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