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  • Email: groberts AT holycross DOT edu
  • Office Phone: 508-793-2350
  • Office: Haberlin 305
  • Office Hours: Mon. 3 - 4, Tue. 11 - 12 (Math 110 only), 1 - 2 (Math 136 only), Wed. 10 - 11, Fri. 3 - 4, or by appointment.
  • Address:
    Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
    1 College Street
    College of the Holy Cross
    Worcester, MA 01610

  • Current Position: Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.
  • Research: Dynamical Systems, Celestial Mechanics, N-Vortex Problem, Hamiltonian Systems, Conceptual Climate Modeling, Newton's Method, Complex Dynamics. I am currently conducting research on central configurations and relative equilibria in the n-body and n-vortex problems. I am also interested in low-dimensional climate models and sustainability issues. This semester I have a research student helping me analyze water quality data of the local Blackstone River.
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Courses for Spring 2023

MATH 110 Topics in Mathematics: Math and Music
MATH 136 Calculus 2

Course information posted in Canvas

From Music to Mathematics:
Exploring the Connections
(Johns Hopkins University Press)

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Book available at: JHU Press     Amazon

Haydn's "Minuet in Reverse" from his Piano Sonata in A major (Hob. XVI/26 or Landon 41)

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