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Course Information

Courses (Fall '10) :

MATH 110 Exploring Data Using Statistics

Past Courses :

MATH 110 Data Analysis
MATH 125,126 Calculus for the Social Sciences
MATH 131,132 Calculus for the Physical and Life Sciences
MATH 136 AP Calculus
MATH 241 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 242 Principles of Analysis
MATH 243 Algebraic Structures
MATH 244 Linear Algebra
MATH 371 Methods of Numerical Analysis
MATH 372 Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 375,376 Probability and Statistics
MATH 391/392 Seminar: Bio-statistics
MATH 391/392 Seminar: Image Processing
MATH 391/392 Seminar: Inverse Problems
MATH 400 Directed Reading: Biostatistics
MATH 400 Directed Reading: Creating GUIs for Computational Science Using MATLAB
MATH 400 Directed Reading: Probability and Actuarial Math
MATH 495,496 Mathematics Honors Thesis
FYPR 103 Epidemics, Disasters and Choices
FYPR 104 Deciding What "We'' Want