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ePiX, a collection of batch utilities for GNU/Linux and similar platforms, creates mathematically accurate figures, plots, and movies using easy-to-learn syntax. The output is expressly suitable for use with LaTeX; figures may be written in a LaTeX picture environment containing PSTricks, tikz, or eepic macros, or as vector (EPS or PDF) image files. The user interface resembles that of LaTeX: You prepare a human-readable scene description in a text editor, then compile the input file into a picture. The sample gallery contains dozens of examples, together with thumbnails and full-sized images. These sample files come with the source code. The manual contains detailed tutorial instructions on compiling files and getting started writing your own.

ePiX serves as a bridge between the computational power of C++ and the typographical capabilities of LaTeX. In particular, ePiX can depict the results of complex computations in the same typographical style as a LaTeX document, and is easily extended with only a modest amount of programming knowledge. No experience with C++ is needed to use ePiX, however.

Getting ePiX

Source Code Packages

The source code is available with documentation and samples, compressed with either gzip (.gz) or bzip2 (.bz2).

Latest stable release

  md5 checksums   Gzip compressed packages   Bzip2 compressed packages
  Source code, manual sources, and sample files   epix-1.2.6.tar.gz,     630921 bytes   epix-1.2.6.tar.bz2,     502008 bytes
  Source code, compiled manual, and sample files   epix-1.2.6_withpdf.tar.gz,     1825005 bytes   epix-1.2.6_withpdf.tar.bz2,     1736850 bytes
  Manual and sample files only   epix-1.2.6_manuals.tar.gz,     768456 bytes   epix-1.2.6_manuals.tar.bz2,     731815 bytes

CVS Repository

The source code is available by CVS from Savannah.

Documentation and Sample Files

These files are included with or built from the packages above, but for convenience may be downloaded separately.

  Manual (PDF)   Texinfo file   Sample Sources (gzip-ed tar file)
  epix-1.2.6_manual.pdf,     777275 bytes   epix-1.2.6.texi,     194098 bytes   epix-1.2.6_samples.tar.gz,     40331 bytes

Mailing List Information

The user and development mailing lists are hosted by Savannah.


ePiX is Free Software, distributed under the GNU GPL. This license grants you four specific Freedoms:

Like all information (including software -- read your EULA carefully), ePiX comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, including (but not limited to) any warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Contact Information

ePiX is written and maintained by
    Andrew D. Hwang
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    College of the Holy Cross
    Worcester, MA, 01610-2395, USA

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