MuLE and VV Projects

* MULE: MUltiple Language Environment. A programming environment that allows users to simultaneously use several major language paradigms including imperative, functional, object oriented and logic. Designed to demonstrate the major implementation concepts in each paradigm.


  • MuLE Holy Cross and Ithaca College Research Group, Spring 2000.

    Sitting (L to R): Prof. Laurie King (HC), Christian Stoehr (IC)

    Standing (L to R): Jamie Scheinblum (IC), Prof. John Barr (IC), Matt Basile (HC), Hanh Pham (IC),
    Laura Henry (IC), Rachel Giguere (HC), Matt Rinaldi (HC), Raquel Ruano (HC)


  • MuLE research group, Spring 2000, after an all day SATURDAY meeting.


    * Virtual Voyagers Research Group. A research group dedicated to using cutting edge computer technology to create innovative applications, images, and movies for use in classrooms. The group is comprised of several Ithaca College professors (or formerly IC professors) and a group of dedicated undergraduate students. Projects range from interactive multimedia applications to virtual reality movies.


  • Virtual Voyagers Fall 1996.

    From Left to Right: Jon Accarino, Nevin Flanagan, Jon Solomon, Prof. John Barr, Prof. Laurie King, Tony Bo, Jason Whong, Pascal Young

    This group worked on several projects each designed to bring computer based multimedia into the classroom. Projects included designing interactive multimedia courseware including virtual reality movies.

    Members of the VV team (1996)

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    Laurie King, Holy Cross