Statement of Service Participation
Catherine A. Roberts

For a complete list of my service, please view my curriculum vita.

A. Professional Service
Journal of Natural Resource Modeling, Editor-in-Chief (July 2003 - present)
Resource Modeling Association, Board of Directors (July 2002 - present)
Mathematical Association of America, Mathematical Monthly, Editor (Jan 2012 - present)
Leadership Team, Intel Mathematics Initiative (Jan 2008 - present)
UMAP Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications, Associate Editor (2005 - present)
Journal of Interdisciplinary Feminist Thought, Advisory Board (2005-present)
Association for Women in Mathematics, Commitee on Committees (2011-2014)

Selected p revious such service:
The Grand Canyon River Group, founding member & technical advisor
American Mathematical Society (AMS):
AMS Committee on Education
AMS Committee on Professional Ethics (chair for two of three years)
AMS Committee on Meetings and Conferences
Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM):
AWM Executive Committee
AWM Fundraising Committee, chair
AWM Mentor Network

AWM Chair of selection committee for Executive Director
AWM Workshop co-organizer (six times)
AWM Nominating Committee (twice)
AWM Selection Committee for AWM Workshop (five times)
Judge for the Essay Contest
AWM Infrastructure Task Force
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM):
SIAM Review, Associate Editor
SIAM Visiting Lecturer Program Committee
SIAM Education Committee
SIAM judge for Mathematical Contest in Modeling (six times)
AMS-MAA-SIAM Morgan Prize Committee
National Science Foundation( NSF) Review Panelist (five times), proposal reviewer

Regional Environmental Council of Central MA, Board of Directors
River Management Society, VP for Eastern Section
Judge for Moody's Mega Math Challenge

Journal Reviewer
• SIAM J. Applied Math
• Journal Math Analysis and Applications
• Nonlinear Analysis Series A, Theory, Methods, and Applications
• Arabian Journal for Science & Engineering
• Journal Difference Eqns and Appl
• Journal Methods in Applied Sciences
• Journal of Integral Equations & Applications
• UMAP Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics & its Applications
• Journal of Nonlinear Analysis
• Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
• Proceedings of the Eighth Biennial Conference of Research on the Colorado Plateau
• Computers and Mathematics with Applications
• Journal of Applied Analysis
• Natural Resource Modeling
• Peer and Technical Reviewer for “Gloss, S. P., Lovich, J.E., and Melis, T. S., eds., 2005, The state of the Colorado River ecosystem in the Grand Canyon: U. S. Geological Survey Circular 1282, 220p”
• Proposal Reviewer for King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)

B. Service at the College of the Holy Cross (2001 - present)

• Chair, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
• Trustees’ Institutional Advancement Committee
• Finance and Planning Council
• Noyce Governance Committee
• Departmental Liaison to the Teacher Education Program
• Faculty Advisor to Sailing Club
• Human Resources Wellness Committee

Selected previous such service:
• Director, Environmental Studies Program
• Chair, Environmental Studies Committee
• Faculty Marshall for the Class of 2008
• Faculty Mentor
• Departmental Liaison to the Teacher Education Program
• Organized reception for Jane Sullivan Roberts ’76 and graduating seniors at commencement
• Assisted in planning off-campus events for Taking it to the Streets Orientation Program
• Faculty Reviewer at Studio Review for Studio Art Majors and Minors in Dept. of Visual Arts
• Committee for grant proposal to AAC&U Core Commitments Program
• Departmental Liaison to the Library
• Board of the Alumni Association
• Steering Committee for Nobel Laureate W. Maathai’s campus visit
• Steering Committee for Blackstone Canal Symposium
• Faculty Fellowship to develop ties to Blackstone River Valley
• Steering Committee for Blackstone Symposium & Commissioner Annual Dinner
• Director of the Calculus Workshop)
• Chair, Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty
• Academic Standing Committee
• Faculty Mentor for first year ALANA students
• Committee on Faculty Affairs, at large member
• Danforth Fellow, representing the College to this New England organization
• Curricular Goals Collaborative Teaching Committee
• Department Liaison to MAA, AWM, AMS
• Department Representative to the Avon Scholarship Committee
• Communication & Rhetoric Committee - member & webmaster
• Homecoming Weekend Continuing Education Featured Speaker

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