Family Photo Album
Catherine A. Roberts

My husband, John, is a chemistry professor at WPI.
We have two sons. Before moving to the Worcester area,
we lived in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I grew up on Cape Cod (in Chatham). My favorite activities
include river rafting, running, gardening and reading novels.
me as a young girl John ice climbing (2008)
Wedding picture
My three boys (2008)
Family in DC (2008)
We're at the EPA! (2008)
Obama's Inauguration (2009)
Ben and Jacob (2008)
Hiking in NH (2009)
Hiking in NH (2009)
Ben at the Beach (2009)
Ben on the Mountain (2009)
Black Bear in my Backyard (2009)

Jake King Reginald (2009)
Jake baseball (2009)
Jake as Mayor (2010)

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