The ePiX2 Home Page

Last change: 31 December, 2007


ePiX2, the successor to ePiX, is a C++ library for the creation of three-dimensional mathematical scenes, usually for inclusion in printed documents or web pages. The design and input file syntax of ePiX2 differ fundamentally from ePiX, though the aim is still to describe and manipulate scenes using a mnemonic, expressive language. Please consult the README files in the source package for more detailed information.

Please Note ePiX2 is experimental, neither fully functional nor completely debugged, and the user syntax is subject to change.


Source Code Package

The latest pre-release is available as a bzip-ed tar file.

Mailing List Information

The mailing lists (epix-user and epix-devel) can be found at Savannah.


ePiX2 is Free Software, distributed under the GNU GPL. This license grants you four specific Freedoms:

Like all information (including software -- read your EULA carefully!), ePiX comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, including (but not limited to) any warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

ePiX is written and maintained by

Andrew D. Hwang
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
College of the Holy Cross
Worcester, MA, 01610-2395, USA