Recent Publications for Thomas E. Cecil


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  6. Geometry of Hypersurfaces, (with P.J. Ryan), Springer Monographs in Mathematics, Springer, New York et al., 2015.

Recent Articles

  1. Focal Points and Support Functions in Affine Differential Geometry, Geometriae Dedicata 50 (1994), 291-300.
  2. An Affine Characterization of the Veronese Surface (with M. Magid, L. Vrancken), Geometriae Dedicata 57 (1995), 55-71.
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  6. Dupin Hypersurfaces with Four Principal Curvatures (with G. Jensen), Geometriae Dedicata 79 (2000), 1-49.
  7. Isoparametric Hypersurfaces with Four Principal Curvatures (with Q.-S. Chi and G. Jensen), Annals of Math 166 (2007), 1-76.
  8. Dupin Hypersurfaces with Four Principal Curvatures II (with Q.-S. Chi and G. Jensen), Geometriae Dedicata 128 (2007), 55-95.
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  10. On Kuiper's Question Whether Taut Submanifolds are Algebraic (with Q.-S. Chi and G. Jensen), Pacific J. Math 234, (2008), 229-248.
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  12. Dupin Submanifolds in Lie Sphere Geometry (updated version) (with S.-S. Chern), arXiv:2010.06429v1 [math.DG] 13 Oct 2020.
  13. Notes on Lie Sphere Geometry and the Cyclides of Dupin, arXiv:2011.11432v1 [math.DG] 20 Nov 2020.
  14. Compact Dupin Hypersurfaces, arXiv:2101.05316v2 [math.DG] 13 Apr 2021.


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