Day Date Topics Reading Events
T 23-Jan Review of Calculus 1    
W 24-Jan Approximating and Computing Area 5.1  
F 26-Jan The Definite Integral 5.2  
M 29-Jan The Indefinite Integral 5.3  
T 30-Jan Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 5.4  
W 31-Jan Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 5.5 Homework 1 due
F 2-Feb Net Change 5.6 Quiz 1
M 5-Feb Substitution 5.7  
T 6-Feb Further Trancendental Functions 5.8  
W 7-Feb Catch-up/Review Chapter 5 Homework 2 due
F 9-Feb Areas Between Curves 6.1 Quiz 2
M 12-Feb Volume, Density, Average Value 6.2  
T 13-Feb Volumes of Revolution 6.3  
W 14-Feb Cylindrical Shells 6.4 Homework 3 due
F 16-Feb Work and Energy 6.5 Quiz 3
M 19-Feb Catch-up Chapter 6  
T 20-Feb Review   Exam 1
W 21-Feb Integration by Parts 7.1  
F 23-Feb Trigonometric Integrals 7.2  
M 26-Feb Trigonometric Substitution 7.3  
T 27-Feb Trigonometric Substitution 7.3  
W 28-Feb Partial Fractions 7.5 Homework 4 due
F 2-Mar Partial Fractions 7.5 Quiz 4
M 5-Mar     Spring Break
T 6-Mar     Spring Break
W 7-Mar     Spring Break
F 9-Mar     Spring Break
M 12-Mar Strategies for Integration 7.6  
T 13-Mar Improper Integrals 7.7  
W 14-Mar Probability 7.8 Homework 5 due
F 16-Mar Numerical Integration 7.9 Quiz 5
M 19-Mar Catch-up/Review Chapter 7  
T 20-Mar Review   Exam 2
W 21-Mar Arc Length, Surface Area 8.1  
F 23-Mar Center of Mass 8.3  
M 26-Mar Sequences 10.1  
T 27-Mar Summing an Infinite Series 10.2 Homework 6 due
W 28-Mar Convergence of Series with Positive Terms 10.3 Quiz 6
F 30-Mar     Easter Break
M 2-Apr     Easter Break
T 3-Apr Convergence of Series with Positive Terms 10.3  
W 4-Apr Absolute and Conditional Convergence 10.4 Homework 7 due
F 6-Apr Ratio and Root Tests 10.5 Quiz 7
M 9-Apr Power Series 10.6  
T 10-Apr Taylor Polynomials 8.4  
W 11-Apr Taylor Series 10.7 Homework 8 due
F 13-Apr Taylor Series 10.7 Quiz 8
M 16-Apr Catch-up/Review Chapter 10  
T 17-Apr Solving Differential Equations 9.1  
W 18-Apr Solving Differential Equations 9.1 Homework 9 due
F 20-Apr Models Involving y'=k(y-b) 9.2 Quiz 9
M 23-Apr Models Involving y'=k(y-b) 9.2  
T 24-Apr Review   Exam 3
W 25-Apr Academic Conference. No class.     
F 27-Apr Graphical and Numerical Methods 9.3  
M 30-Apr The Logistic Equation 9.4  
T 1-May First-Order Linear Equations 9.5  
W 2-May First-Order Linear Equations 9.5 Homework 10 due
F 4-May Catch-up/Review Chapter 9 Quiz 10
M 7-May      
T 8-May     Study period begins