Detailed Schedule -- MONT 100N, Modeling the Environment

Fall 2017, Prof. Little

Note: All information on this page is still under development and subject to change.
The following day-by-day listing shows the planned topic for each day's class and the due dates of the larger individual assignments. There will also be several smaller writing assignments (as described in the course syllabus) and group writeups from the group project days. The due dates for those will be announced when the assignments are made. This is a tentative, evolving schedule. Topics may be added, deleted, or rearranged during the course of the semester. Any changes will be announced in class and here. Note: Reading assignments labeled

Date Class Topic Reading
10/9,11,13 Fall Break -- no class MW, Chapter 4
10/16 Linear models, regression and least squares MW, Chapter 4
10/18 Group project day 4 -- The Mauna Loa atmospheric CO2 data MW, Chapter 4
10/20 Prep for field trip/continue project-- Problem Set 3 due MW, Chapter 4
10/23 Exponential functions and models MW, Chapter 5
10/25 Exponential regression MW, Chapter 5
10/27 Midterm Exam covers: Laudato Si', MW Chapters 1 - 4
10/30 Group project day 5 -- The 2014-15 Ebola outbreak MW, Chapter 5
11/1 Power functions and modeling MW, Chapter 6
11/3 More on power function models; Zipf's Law -- Paper 2 due MW, Chapter 6
11/6 Begin difference equations, affine equations and solutions MW, Chapter 7
11/8 Equilibrium points and stability MW, Chapter 7
11/10 Logistic population models -- Problem Set 4 due MW, Chapter 7
11/13 Group project day 6 -- logistic models with harvesting MW, Chapter 7
11/15 Group project day 6, continued -- logistic models with harvesting, sustainability MW, Chapter 7
11/17 Systems of difference equations -- Problem Set 5 due MW, Chapter 8
11/20 More on systems -- structured population models MW, Chapter 8
11/22,24 Thanksgiving Break -- no class
11/27 More on systems -- epidemic models MW, Chapter 8
11/29 Predator-Prey Models MW, Chapter 8
12/1 Begin discussion of Collapse D, Prologue, Chapters 2,5
12/4 Continue Collapse (Student-led discussions) D, Chapters 7,8,9
12/6 Modern societies and collapse -- lessons for the future? (Student-led discussions) D, Chapters 14,15,16
12/4 Spare day -- Problem Set 6 due

The Final Exam for this course will be given at the published time for MWF 9:00am classes -- Friday, December 15 at 8:00am.

Last modified: October 12, 2017