Selected Student Comments from my Course Evaluations at the UC Boulder

Calculus III for Engineers

Question: What were the most effective aspects of this course?

"Roberts was always willing to help."

"Example problems done on the board in lecture were very helpful."

"Instructors enthusiasm about the subject. Instructors ability to explain the concepts in terms that the students can understand. Best instructor I've had yet!"

"Numerous examples, not just theory."

"The lectures, Professor Roberts did an excellent job. Labs, (even though I hated doing them) tied concepts together well."

"I was really happy to see the midsemester course questionnaire and how it was used."

"The enthusiasm of the professor in presenting the material."

"Gareth's enthusiasm. He definitely is interested in the material and enjoys teaching it to us. His enthusiasm is contagious. Also, he is a wonderful teacher (explains thoroughly and clearly while being conscious of his audience)."

"The clarity of explanation of the course material by the professor was impressive. Easily understandable because of the explanations."

"Good lectures, interesting labs."

"I really enjoyed having Prof. Roberts in both lecture and recitation. He greatly helped my understanding of the material."

"The presentation of course material in lectures was really good. Prof. Roberts always went through examples which helped me understand a lot better. The tests were always fair and straight-forward."

General Comments:

"Best Math course I have ever taken."

"Prof. Roberts was an exceptional professor. He was clear, entertaining and accessible for help. Excellent job!"

"Prof. Roberts was the best calc. teacher that I have had so far. He presented the material simply and straight forward. Actually he is probably the best teacher that I have had at CU."

"Prof. Roberts is a very effective teacher as well as being fun and easy to relate to."

"The lectures were awesome."

"The prof. had a genuine desire to help students understand material."

"Roberts is a very good professor, interesting, made you want to learn and keep interested."

"I think that Gareth is a great teacher. He really obviously cares about the students in his class. His enthusiasm for the course material really makes the class fun and interesting. He is great at motivating students both in this class and in exploring the subject in other ways. I really hope that he sticks around at CU for a long time."

"I would like to say that although I noted that the workload is heavy, I understand the necessity of that fact. I really enjoyed this course, and have recommended Gareth to others. Thanks."

"Gareth Roberts is a good teacher. He presents the material well and explains the derivations well. He not only teaches the material we need to know but teaches where it is derived from, making it easier to understand ..."

"Professor Roberts is the best teacher I have ever had. He made me like going to class. My grades in math have definitely improved."

"Roberts is the best professor I have had at this university."

"Math is alive!"

Note: For responses about the least effective aspects of this course, most involved the labs. Typical comments were "Graded too harshly," "graded more on grammar than on mathematics," "took too long to do," "turned in the same time as hw," "couldn't always see relevance," etc.

Matrix Methods

Question: What were the most effective aspects of this course?

"Well designed lectures, thought provoking labs, and convenient office hours. Prof. Roberts is very knowledgeable and easily approachable. GREAT teacher."

"Dr. Roberts! He is an excellent teacher. The book is also a very good book. It has good problems for homeworks and it really makes you think and learn the material well."

"It actually had an application."

"Office hours were very beneficial. Well-organized class lectures. Relevant homework assignments."

"Lecture and Projects. Although the projects were stressful, we learned a lot from them. Lectures were actually interesting and kept my attention which is appreciated. He was well prepared for lecture and cared about his quality of teaching."

"Use of email to communicate helped"

Question: What were the least effective aspects of this course?

"tedious and long homework assignments"

"The tests were too long, I would have done better if given more time."

"homework much more abstract than lectures"

General Comments:

"Dr. Roberts is by far one of the best teachers I have had at this institution. He is always prepared and he knows his stuff! He is very accessible and very approachable. He is willing to help and I believe he is genuinely concerned that his students learn the material. I really hope to have him as a teacher in future classes!!!"

"You are very passionate about math, and you bring that with you to class. You're also very approachable, and explain things in an understandable way."

"You're a phenomenal professor Dr. Roberts, thank you."