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From left to right: Going home from the hospital. The shock of new parenthood. Edward's first bath (3 weeks). Six weeks and smiling!

From left to right: In the car seat at 8 weeks. Bundled up at 10 or 11 weeks. The family at 12 weeks (photo by Uncle Mark B.) Daddy & baby at play.

From left to right: Daddy & baby at play. In the bath at 10 weeks, by Grandma Lois. Oooh look, new toys. Edward pushing up for the first time (first week of March 2002).

From left to right: Edward with Christine and Alex; Edward's first Civil War Battlefield; Smocked Edward; (taken on Edward's first trip (to DC)).

From left to right: A new trick. With the fishes. First Easter. March hare madness.

From left to right: First rollover from tummy at 4 1/2 months. Keith and Edward April 2002. Use those feet! Hey! Pick me up!

From left to right: Worn out. Ready to go! Man, my teeth hurt. Sooo Big! Playmates (Edward and Sommerville Elizabeth Hill, May 2002)

From left to right: Edward-go-round. Ready for my closeup. Happy Boy!! Personality revealed.

From left to right: Edward in Wisconsin July 2002. Edward with Lloyd. Edward meets Ford. Edward and Sommerville August 2002.

From left to right: Edward's Baptism. Baptism. Yeah Sewanee's Right! Edward with his Great-Grandma.

From left to right: More Edward with Granny. More of the baptism. The camera again? I can crawl!

From left to right: Prince Edward. Edward and Christine.

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