Math, Music and Memory

Homework Assignment #4

Due Friday, Oct. 24, START of Class

Homework should be turned in at the BEGINNING OF CLASS. All problem numbers refer to A First Course in Math and Music, the primary text for the class. Unless otherwise indicated, all parts of a problem (e.g., a., b., c., etc.) should be completed. You are encouraged to work on these problems with other classmates, and it is ok to use internet sources for help if it's absolutely necessary; however, the solutions you turn in should be YOUR OWN WORK and written in YOUR OWN WORDS. Be sure to cite any references, websites, Internet sources, etc. that you may have used for assistance with the assignment.

Important: Please list the names of any students you worked with on the top of your assignment.

Section 2.2, (pp. 55 - 56)
Problems:   6 (parts b, d, g, i), 7 (parts b, d, g, i)

Section 2.3 (pp. 65 - 66)
Problems:   5

Section 2.4 (pp. 80 - 81)
Problems:   1, 2, 3

In addition to the problems listed above, listen to CD #2: Tonality and the Evolution of Polyphony, (tracks available on Moodle) and read the liner notes for the CD, available here. You may be tested on some of this music so be sure to read the liner notes and listen carefully. One approach to effectively absorbing the music is to make brief notes about each piece, listing significant details as you listen.