Seminar in Celestial Mechanics

Final Project Presentation Schedule

All presentations should be approximately 25 minutes in length.

Tuesday, April 22 Star Voyager: Exploring the Kepler Problem with C++ Jon Madore
Thursday, April 24 The Statistics of the Titius-Bode Law Ashley Carlino & Suzy Flaherty
Thursday, April 24 Applications of Area and Algebraic Geometry on Central Configurations Alex Simao
Monday, April 28 Celestial Mechanics: Tango of the Force Laws James Daly & Ben Jerome
Monday, April 28 From Syzygies to the Saros Cycle:
The Celestial Mechanics of Eclipses in the Earth-Moon-Sun System
Caitlin Street
Tuesday, April 29 Celestial Mechanics in Higher Dimensions:
An Investigation into the Integral Manifolds of the 3-body problem
James Antonio
Tuesday, April 29 A New Model of the Three-Body Problem Kate Donovan & Emily Reilly