Seminar in Celestial Mechanics

In-Class Presentation Schedule

You will be notified by email of the particular problem you should present the solution to. All presentations should be 5-10 minutes in length.

Thursday, Jan. 24 HW#1 Ben Jerome, Ashley Carlino, Alex Simao
Thursday, Jan. 31 HW#2 James Daly, Kate Donovan
Thursday, Feb. 7 HW#3 James Antonio, Suzy Flaherty, Jon Madore
Thursday, Feb. 14 HW#4 Emily Reilly, Denny Wirth
Thursday, Feb. 21 HW#5 Caitlin Street, Ben Jerome
Thursday, Feb. 28 HW#6 Ashley Carlino, James Daly
Monday, March 17 HW#7 Alex Simao, Kate Donovan
Thursday, March 27 HW#8 James Antonio, Suzy Flaherty
Thursday, April 3 HW#9 Jon Madore, Emily Reilly
Thursday, April 10 HW#10 Caitlin Street