Dynamical Systems    

Final Project Presentation Schedule

Each group member should speak for approximately 5 minutes

Tuesday, Dec. 5 Fractals: The Fine Line Between Mathematics and Medicine Katie Heenan, Anna Hulseman & Victoria Zamarra
Tuesday, Dec. 5 Fractals, Economics, and Income Distribution Nick Harper, Johnny McAuliffe & Frank Sommers
Tuesday, Dec. 5 Learning from Failure: What Does the Failure of Newton's Method Reveal? Alisha Collazo, Ligia Flores, Louis Hurtado & Kiara Sanchez
Tuesday, Dec. 5 Types of Fractals Found in Art Jessica Hendsey & Luke Griese
Thursday, Dec. 7 Fractals in Music Tom Haracz & Meghan Lewis
Thursday, Dec. 7 Population Dynamics Rich Bielak, Michael Carter & Lance Madden
Thursday, Dec. 7 Fractal Structure in Financial Markets Jay Mackie & Grace Neilson
Thursday, Dec. 7 The Ducci Game Map Amanda Dole, Nicole McDonald & Margot Reed
Thursday, Dec. 7 Exploring the Mandelbrot Set Michael Hanlon, Rui Qiang & Tessie Salatas