Dynamical Systems    

Final Project Presentation Schedule

All presentations should be approximately 20 - 25 minutes in length

Tuesday, April 29 Newton's Method and When It Fails Marcus Antonellis, Matthew Boni & Tom Bujold
Tuesday, April 29 Math Joining Medicine: Are Fractals the Cure? Ken Goettler, Abby Mitchell & Sarah Ober
Tuesday, April 29 Fractals and Dynamics in Art Kevin Cotter & Julietta Gratta
Thursday, May 1 The Butterfly of Wall Street: The Existence of Chaos in Economic Modeling Conor Costello, Alli Hunter and Tim Liddy
Thursday, May 1 Subshifts of Finite Type Xuan Nghiem, Leo Torres & Nick Whalen
Thursday, May 1 The Contenders of the Ducci Game Marisa Cameron & Anna Villani