Dynamical Systems    

Final Project Presentation Schedule

All presentations should be approximately 10 - 15 minutes in length (10 for groups of 2, 15 for groups of 3)

Thursday, April 29 Chaos and Economics Kaitlyn Friday, Christopher Kopp & Dmitri Serendenko
Thursday, April 29 Population Dynamics Michael Gumbley & Pete Veillette
Thursday, April 29 Dynamics in Sports Ashley Buckley & Meredith Stevens
Thursday, April 29 Chaos and Cardiology Maura Jones & Mark McAuliffe
Tuesday, May 4 Newton's Method Madison Lucas & T.J. Zaleski
Tuesday, May 4 Fractals and Skin Cancer Nick Ciardiello & Jaime Tierney
Tuesday, May 4 A Queueing Model Gael Carter & Sarah Kearns
Tuesday, May 4 The Ducci Game Chelsea Dalphond, Tom Morell & Deirdre Scully
Tuesday, May 4 Fractals and Music Matt Brady, Maria Cavicchi & Chris Szkutak