Complex Analysis     MATH 305

Quiz #1

Thursday, Feb. 11, start of class

The first quiz covers Sections 1 - 8 of the course text. You should go over homework assignments #1 and #2 (including the partial solutions sent via email), the textbook and your class notes. The quiz will be short (10-15 minutes) and focus on basic concepts and calculations from Chapter 1. Types of possible questions include: short answer, fill in the blank, true/false, multiple choice, etc. You may also be asked to do some short calculations.

Note: No calculators are allowed on the quiz so be prepared to answer questions without your personal calculator.

The following topics and definitions are important material for the quiz. You may be asked to define some terms precisely.

  1. Complex Numbers: complex plane, addition, multiplication, geometric method of multiplication via triangles, basic algebraic properties, multiplicative and additive inverses, conjugate
  2. Vectors and Moduli: addition and subtraction of complex numbers vectorially, modulus of a complex number, equation of a circle using the modulus, triangle inequality, properties of the modulus (e.g., the modulus of a product equals the product of the moduli)
  3. Complex Conjugate: properties of, connection with modulus, when to use it
  4. Exponential Form: polar coordinates, Euler's formula, argument versus Argument, products and powers in exponential form, de Moivre's formula, arguments of products and quotients