Complex Analysis     MATH 305

Final Project Presentation Schedule

All presentations should be approximately 15 minutes in length -- each member should speak for at least 5 minutes.

Monday, Dec. 5 Complex Variables in the N-Body Problem Alisa Aylward, Rebecca Moran and Trevor Zaleski
Monday, Dec. 5 Temperature Steady States and Distributions: An Exploration Frances Klimczak, Sarah Orchard and Jaime Tierney
Wednesday, Dec. 7 The Lazy Function: Minimal Surfaces Morgan Hill, Diana Homsy and Gabe Miranda
Wednesday, Dec. 7 Hermite Polynomials and the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator: A Valuable Application of Cauchy's Residue Theorem Charlie Cunningham, Jack O'Connor and Craig Richardson
Wednesday, Dec. 7 The Riemann-Zeta Function and Hypothesis: A Million Dollar Math Problem Mariah Napolitano and Meghan Reynolds
Friday, Dec. 9 The Life and Mathematics of Augustin Louis Cauchy Liz Bolduc, Kate Chamberlin and Mary Kate Shaw
Friday, Dec. 9 Fluid Flow in Complex Analysis Suzanne Crifo and Leah DeCoste
Friday, Dec. 9 The Steiner Inellipse: Out of Stein, in Swords Doug Arnold, Chris Michaud and Chalmer Swanson