Complex Analysis     MATH 305

Homework Assignment #2

Due Wednesday, Sept. 14, START of Class

On Friday, September 9 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm in the Hogan Ballroom, the Eighteenth Annual Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium will be held. This fun event showcases a wide variety of Holy Cross student research undertaken this past summer, either at HC or at other institutions. It is a standard poster session in which the researcher stands in front of his/her poster and makes a presentation about his/her research.

This year there are a record 102 posters, including two of our own students, Leah DeCoste (poster 49) and Rebecca Moran (poster 50). The fields represented range from math and computer science to classics and modern languages.

Your assignment is to go to this event, visit at least three posters, and write a short summary of one particular poster you found interesting. The summary should be typed and no longer than one page. Do pay attention to your writing, grammar, spelling, etc. This is good practice for your final project, which includes a paper. You should be sure to include the name of the presenter, title of the poster, discipline and a summary of the research project. You should also explain why the poster interested you and provide your opinion as to the quality of the project.