Ordinary Differential Equations, MATH 304

Homework Assignment #9 (Last One!)

Due Friday, December 12, START of Class

Homework should be turned in at the BEGINNING OF CLASS. All problem numbers refer to Differential Equations, 4th ed., by Blanchard, Devaney, and Hall. Unless otherwise indicated, all parts of a problem (a), (b), etc. should be completed. You should do all of the problems; however, you only need to write up solutions for the starred (*) problems. Be sure to write up solutions neatly, making sure to show your work.

Note: For this final assignment, you are allowed to work in groups of up to 3 people. Please turn in one assignment per group. Complete solutions to all problems will be posted the same day the homework assignment is due.

Section 4.1
Problems:   2, 5, 6*, 11, 12*, 31*, 34

Section 5.1
Problems:   1, 4, 5, 9*, 14*

Section 5.2
Problems:   1, 2, 7*, 12*

Section 5.3
Problems:   1*, 2, 9, 10*, 11*, 12