Spring 2002

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A typical day of office hours for Principles of Analysis. At the table, from left to right, are Erin Flynn, Andrea Madden and Kaitlyn Wright. Second arc, from left to right, are Katie Johnsen (KJ), Gabe Weaver, Tom Ziniti, Cate Colombo, Lindsey Lavoie and Laura (Alexa) Sedlak. In the background are two students from my Calculus for Social Sciences class.

The incredible students from Math 242, Spring 2002. On the left, the morning section (02). On the right, the afternoon section (01).

Fall 2001

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The stellar group of students from Math 241, Fall 2001. On the left, Section 02. On the right, Section 01. (Click on picture to enlarge.)

On the left, James Colvin and Mike Dougrey demonstrating the parameterization of the helix. On the right, the white-board in the computer lab sees some action after an involved discussion regarding Computer Project #3. (Click on picture to enlarge.)