The Spring 2005 Holy Cross Programming Contest

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science celebrated the end of spring break with a programming contest on March 16, 2005. Nineteen students started off with pizza, then crowded into the Sun lab to compete for glory.

The winning team:

Adam Jarret, Rob Kerbstat, and Matt Surabian.

Other high scorers were:

Victoria McCabe and R.L., 2nd Place
Steve Small, Hieu Phan, and Lindsay Driscoll, 3rd Place
Lisa Melanson, Deirdre Regan, and Brian Worthington, HM

Pictures of Participants:

front row: Toma Lazar and Matt Surabian; middle row: Rob Kerbstat, Stephen Shea, Hieu Phan, and Steve Small; back row: Steve Lawlor and Matt Moore
Katie Mahoney
Brian Worthington, John Lankau, Lisa Melanson, R.L., and Deirdre Regan