Jay Marathon Photo Gallery
Edward Soares


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Running the trails on the first leg of the race. Running the logging road before Aid Station 1. Just past Aid Station 1... it wasn't too muddy... yet! Entering the first brook section on the way to Aid Station 2. Looking up toward Jay Peak from Aid Station 2.
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Going up Jay Peak. It's just starting to get steep. Now it's getting steep. There is no running up Jay Peak. The top of Jay Peak. Resting and refueling at Aid Station 3. Going down Jay Peak via a black diamond trail. There is no running down Jay Peak either.
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Just passed Aid Station 4, at the base of Jay Peak. The dirt road on the way to the second brook section and Aid Station 5. Running the farmer's field trail, just past Aid Station 5. The stairway leading to the third brook section and the waterfall. The sign says "VERY DANGEROUS" ... no kidding!