Constance S. Royden

Name: Constance (Stanzi) Royden

Department: Mathematics and Computer Science

Title: Professor

Office: Haberlin 308

Extension: 2472

Education: PhD UCSF, 1988; B.S. Biology and Engineering, Caltech, 1980.

Courses taught, Fall 2017:
CSCI 235: Algorithms
CSCI 343: Computer Graphics

Courses previously taught:
MONT 104S: Perception and Virtual Reality
MONT 105S: Computer Science of Graphics and Games
MONT 112G: Computers and Society
MONT 113G: Ethics of Computing
HNRS 299: Perception, Illusion and Virtual Reality
HNRS 299: Computers and Society
CSCI 110: Survey of Computer Science
CSCI 131: Techniques of Programming
CSCI 132: Data Structures
CSCI 135: Discrete Structures
CSCI 235: Algorithms
CSCI 328: Ethical Issues in Computer Science
CSCI 343: Computer Graphics
CSCI 346: Operating Systems
CSCI 363: Computational Vision

Research Interests and Activities: I combine psychophysical experiments with computational modeling to study how the brain processes visual information, particularly motion information. I am currently studying how we use visual motion to judge where we are going in the world, and what role attention plays in these judgments.

For more information, see the Vision Lab web page.

Additional Interests and Activities: I enjoy music, dancing and drama. I also have a black belt in Aikido Yoshinkai.

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