Blackstone River Collaboratory

The Worcester Area College
Research Collaboratory for Science
on the headwaters of the Blackstone River

Working List of Researchers

Our hope is to identify faculty who have scientific research programs that might accomodate some key research questions related to the Blackstone River. We want to capitalize on the collaborative force of scientists working together from Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the College of the Holy Cross.

Send any additions or corrections to this list to Catherine Roberts at

Blackstone Resource Contacts
Colin Novick 508-795-3838 (Greater Worcester Land Trust)
Peter Coffin 508-478-0619
Donna Williams 508-753-6087 (Massachusetts Audubon)
Lance McKee 508-752-0108 (Tatnuck Brook Watershed Association & formerly Open GIS Consortium)
Jim Plasse (Blackstone River Watershed Association)
Lynne Welsh 508-849-4007 (former Pres. of Blackstone River Watershed Association and formerly EOEA, Blackstone initiatives)

Clark University
Tim Downs 508-421-3814 Webpage (Env. Science & Policy)
Gil Pontius 508-793-7761 Webpage (Geography, Tatnuck Brook Watershed Association)
Eben Swain (graduate student of Gil's)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ronald Cheetham 508-831-5582 Webpage (Biology & Biotechnology, aquatic ecology)
Jeanine Plummer 508-831-5142 Webpage (Environmental engineering, water quality)

College of the Holy Cross
Catherine Roberts 508-793-2456 Webpage (Mathematics, environmental modeling)
Bill Sobczak 508-793-3752 Webpage (Biology, water ecology)
Jan Van Doren 508-793-3376 (Chemistry, analytic and environmental)
Robert Bertin 508-793-2352 Webpage (Biology, invasive species)

Nichols College
Mauri Pelto 508- 363-1467 Webpage (Environmental Science, Blackstone water resource research)

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