The Blackstone Collaboratory

The Worcester Area College
Research Collaboratory for Science
on the headwaters of the Blackstone River

Working List of Potential Funding Sources

Our hope is to identify possible funding sources that would be interested in supporting scientific research that is connected to the headwaters of the Blackstone River. We want to capitalize on the collaborative force of scientists working together from Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the College of the Holy Cross.

These sources will be varied, some might only be appropriate for the biologists among us, others might be more suitable for the environmental engineers. The plan is for us to collect several possible funding sources and meet again in late January. At this meeting, we'll target some of these funding sources and decide who is going to submit proposals to which programs.

Send any additions to this list to Catherine Roberts at

1) NSF- Collaborative Research at Undergraduate Institutions

2) American Rivers-NOAA Community-Based Restoration Program Partnership Now
Accepting Proposals for River Restoration Grants

American Rivers is seeking proposals for community-based river restoration
grants as part of its partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) Community-Based Restoration Program. These grants are
designed to provide support for local communities that are utilizing dam
removal or fish passage to restore and protect the ecological integrity of
their rivers and improve freshwater habitats important to migratory
(anadromous) fish. Grants will be limited to projects in the Northeast,
Mid-Atlantic, and California.

Eligible groups will demonstrate how their project: (1) will successfully
restore anadromous fish habitat, access to existing anadromous fish habitat,
or natural riverine functions; (2) is the correct approach, based on
ecological, social, economic, and engineering considerations; (3) will
minimize any identifiable short- or long-term negative impacts to the river
system as a result of the project; (4) has had community involvement in
project decision making and may have community involvement in the
implementation; and (5) will have the potential for public outreach and
education. Successful applicants will be given non-renewable grants to
assist in the technical application of fish passage or dam removal.

Applications are currently being accepted for the first cycle of fiscal year
2004 with a deadline of November 1, 2003. Applications for projects need to
be postmarked by the deadline for consideration for the funding cycle. In
fiscal year 2004, applications will be considered in two cycles with the
second deadline falling on April 1, 2004. We encourage potential applicants
to contact American Rivers to discuss potential projects prior to submitting
an application.

For a complete application and eligibility guidelines, please go to the
American Rivers web site

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