College of the Holy Cross, Fall 2018

Math 243 (Mathematical Structures) Problem Sets

Professor Hwang (rhymes with song).

Last modified: September 20, 2018

Please bookmark this page and check it every week for new assignments and other current course information. As the term progresses, periodically re-read the academic honesty information below to be sure your habits aren't slipping.

Academic Honesty

Important note: The problem sets are your chance to work through ideas and course concepts in a low-risk setting. It's far more important to learn from your mistakes on the problem sets than it is to get a high score on each assignment. Please treat written work accordingly. Don't mindlessly mimic your classmates' work just for the sake of getting a few more homework points. This bad habit will come back to bite you on the midterms.

You are welcome to engage in honest collaboration with your classmates on the problem sets. Specifically, write up the first draft of each problem set entirely on your own. Let the ideas sit for a day or two. Then meet with one or two classmates and compare your ideas.

Do not exchange written work with classmates; doing so constitutes dishonest collaboration. As noted above, this bad habit will also harm your course grade in the long run.

This Week's Assignment
Expectations for Written Work

Written Assignments

Problem Set 4: Due Friday, September 28

Practice Grader Proofs
Chap. 3 (pp. 84-90): 2, 3, 11 1, 5, 22, 23(a) and (c) 6, 12

Problem Set 3: Due Friday, September 21

Practice Grader Proofs
Chap. 1 (pp. 24-34): 34, 37
Chap. 3 (pp. 84-90): 12, 13 15 4, 6

Problem Set 2: Due Friday, September 14

Practice Grader Proofs
Chap. 2 (pp. 50-54): 7, 8, 10, 18, 19, 21 1, 2(a) and (d), 4, 6, 8(c) 9, 11, 20

Problem Set 1: Due Friday, September 7

Practice Grader Proofs
Chap. 1 (pp. 24-34): 1, 2-12, 17, 18-21, 30-33 2(a), 13, 19, 24(b), 26 14(a), 27
Chap. 2 (pp. 50-54): 1-5

Expectations for written work

General Guidelines: Briefly, treat each written assignment like a job application.